The central library consist more than 2516 books, keeping in view fast changes in technology & E-library, new litratutres,refrence books, reports, encyclopedeas, national & international jourals etc. to promote healthy learning.

The Central Library plays a vital role in acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge. It has an excellent collection of books, CDs, newspapers, print & electronic journals, magazines; both national as well as international. Therefore, the students of this college are relegated to a feast of the latest and most happening literature in the field of science and technology. It has adequate infrastructure to meet its requirements, has computerized all its operation using software developed in house.

The technology becomes andvance thats way we devoloped E-library for all students with Hi-Speed internet connectin and wel configured PCs.

Students can read and learn from internet for wel knowladge. Well structured E-library

Sr. No. Discipline No. of Titles No. of Volumes No. of Int. Journals No. of Nat. Journals
1 Computer Science 1450 6000 06 10
2 Mechanical 900 5793 06 12
3 Civil 1550 6854 04 06
4 Electronics & Electrical 650 3223 06 06
5 Electronics & telecomunication 1100 5500 06 12
6 First year 683 2700 10 17
Total 6333 30070 38 63